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Get Hired Kit

Get Hired Kit
Get Hired Kit
Get Hired Kit
Learn how to get hired faster with 5 easy actionable steps to help get you in the door of the job of your dreams. Anyone can use this kit no matter your level of work experience. This kit helps you identify why you’re not getting calls back, what you are doing wrong on your job search and how to tackle the job market by the horns.

Free Side Hustle App

Get access to the “Hard to Find” jobs on the newest side hustle app. You also will have access to the Double or Nothing Job App course, membership offers and daily tips to learn how to turn YOUR expertise and past experience into a side hustle NO MATTER what your background is.

100 Companies Hiring

The 100 Companies Hiring list is a hand crafted list that features credible companies hiring for positions in multiple industries. This list only features selected jobs that are urgently hiring, have jobs in demand, pay well (sometimes really well!) and or offer beginner level training to new job hires. The golden list we wish he had from the jump.

Career Makeover

Get elite career coaching services for professionals who want to take their career to the next level and find the job of their dreams. Having helped hundreds of job seekers ranging from recent grads to C-Level execs at major corporations, we are comfortable working with 85+ unique industries