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The Founder: Jazzy Moore is a 6 Figure Side Hustler who has worked behind heavy hitter Brand names as a Consultant, Team Member, and Leadership Partner. She has helped hundreds of people find new careers and new beginnings, as she herself had to battle and successfully overcome setbacks and challenges.

Her mission is to help the underpaid and discouraged find their inner power, confidence, and income-making potential by giving real-time career strategies breaking the “Poverty Mindsets” through her community initiative; the new Side Hustle & Grow Unemployment Fund. Join the tribe, and be a part of the change.


“Jazzy specializes in helping sole proprietors become leaders of their businesses by aligning their most essential operations for sustainability. She has worked nationwide and internationally with Fortune 500 CEOs and organizational teams. She has a passion for turning businesses into COMPANIES with professional owners like you and me who hit inflection points and must have lean workflows for maximum profitability.”

Bridget J.

“I am no stranger to side hustles and finding new ways to generate income. When linking up with Jazzy, she was able to see the industries I previously worked in and help me tap into more potential income. I am truly grateful for her expanded knowledge and generosity. If you have not gotten the Side Hustle ebook, I highly recommend it.”

J Lowe.